Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm seing stars!

No, not our heroes, though they certainly are stars! I've got a starry card--that I now see needs a bit more attention.Ooops, it's amazing how sometimes we don't really 'see' things until we post them. I will go back and add at least a sentiment to this poor little card. Eep.

At any rate, enjoy your day!


  1. Yes it is amazing what one sees just after they post. The camera seldom lies,now having said that I do love the colours on this card and it gives off a cheery look, so it is a happy card!

  2. Well you've got a great beginning to a nice card, and after you dress it up with a nice sentiment, it will please you for sure! NJ!

  3. Love the different papers on this card and yes, it needs a big ole sentiment either in the middle or bottom. It seems that every time I post something.....after staring at it in real life for hours....I find a flaw lol. I think we are our own worst critics. It's a beautiful card though! Thanks for sharing


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