Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lesson 2

Hello and welcome to Lesson 2! I hope you have gotten to read through the preview/sneak peek post and Lesson 1. If you are here and you did not, why not take a minute now and go back through them?

OK, so this time, I have an inspirational card. (Please note: this was not my original idea; I got it from a website post from an organization that has now closed. The original post was found here )  It is simple to make but always packs a punch and makes a good impression!! Without further ado, meet Elmo!!

Now, he is just a red front, white and black circles for eyes, orange circle nose, and half of a black big circle for his mouth!! Super simple. Again, you can trace objects around you if need be.

Next, you can do almost any of the other characters the same way!! Cookie is just googly (non-matching eyes, he looks all over with both eyes) and a big cookie in his mouth. See the preview post for more inspiration. Oscar the Grouch is easy, too!! Elmo is simple, with his pink oval nose and don't forget Big Bird's beak!

You can do general 'monsters' any old way at all, either for Halloween and/or just in general!! Just make sure they are cute, not scary, for the littles!!

One of the take-aways this time is to look at the characters themselves for inspiration, as well as to use other sites for ideas. Pinterest and Youtube are great, as are cardmakers' sites, blogs and groups for tons of ideas. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!! Keep your eyes open for Lesson 3. Let me see what YOU make from all this inspiration!! Have fun creating!!

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