Sunday, August 16, 2015

Welcome, Zebra Buddies!

Welcome Zebra Buddies!!! So very glad to have you join me here!! I had to blow the dust off my blog and scrub some rust off but she's still here. So, as promised, this is a sneak peek into a card that was requested by Kathy N. I hope you all enjoy.

Kathy, the one on the left is the one you asked for, of course, and the doggy just came along as a bonus. (He photo bombed himself into the shot LOL) Oh, if anyone doesn't know, pls click on the photo itself to enlarge it and see all the details up close.  ;-)

So, since you went to all the trouble of finding your way here-I have a small surprise!! I will go ahead and try to describe how this goes together. (L Sesame Street one)

I chose the tan stripe as the background because it is neutral and almost looks like wallpaper. I would not get a good result with something busy or colorful, as the characters would not show up that way and it would be too distracting.

Next, you need to cut out or punch the heads/faces. I used a circle scallop punch but you could easily trace anything the right size: a drinking glass, a jar or can, etc. It doesn't have to be scalloped either, of course.

Then, I punched out the eyes. Again, no punches = no problem; simply trace and cut. Big Bird has blue and then pink behind the whites of his eyes, done with off set circles, or even part circles. The mouths on both Elmo and Cookie are just half circles and Big Bird's beak is a sm. square folded in half on the diagonal. Elmo's nose is just an orange circle.

Cookie's cookie is just a brown circle with a bite or two removed and brown marker (or colored pencil or even crayon would work here LOL) for the chocolate chips.

See, I told you it was easy peasy. I think the little doggy one is pretty easy to figure out but don't ever hesitate to ask. The ONLY silly question is the one you don't ask because if YOU want to know, then other people do, too.

Thank you so much for dropping by; ya'll come back and see me now, ya hear?! PS: PLS, pretty pls leave me a comment so I know I am not the only one here and that I'm not doing all this just to see myself type. Oh, and don't forget to sign up by email in the box on the top right side of the blog. You will ONLY get an email when new content is posted and you can stop any time, of course. PLS?! TYVM; see you real soon. 

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