Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stamp, Ink, Paper Challenge

(Hello Zebra Buddies: This is NOT one of your lessons, as you see, but pls feel free to take a peek anyway. It was a card I made for a challenge. It was a tic-tac-toe one where you choose any 3 items in a row; mine was monochromatic, button, butterfly. I hope you enjoy.)

Welcome!! I've been hovering over, and lurking around, these challenges since they began but I hadn't yet had the chance to play. Finally, I did - YAY!!

I read the tic-tac-toe board to my aide (while she was doing the dishes) and she pick the row as soon as I finished saying, "monochromatic, button, butterfly." Well, OK, more accurately, as soon as I finished explaining what 'monochromatic' is.

We brain-stormed together and came up with this. I'm really pretty pleased with how it turned out!! I hope you enjoy.

Although it is definitely CAS, I'm still pleased. I think the 'flying' butterfly and the glitter on it really help to 'make' the card. Thanks so much for stopping by. (Z. Buddies, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.)


  1. Such a beautiful CAS card and that butterfly is so pretty! Thanks so much for joining us at Stamp, Ink, Paper this week!

  2. Such a delicate and beautiful card, Nancy! I had to zoom in to see just how gorgeous that butterfly is. Love the sparkle! Thanks so much for joining us this week at Stamp, Ink, Paper!

  3. What a beautiful card! Love the butterfly! Thank you for joining us at Stamp, Ink, Paper for the Tic Tac Toe challenge :)

  4. Clean and classy it! LOL, I can visualize your aide standing there with a funny look wondering what monochromatic was. If she's anything like me, I would've started to try and break down the work mono-chorm-atic. Still makes me giggle. Thank you for joining us this week down at the SIP challenge.

    1. Yes, it was VERY funny. She had that weird, twisted face, like...what in the world is that?! I was ready bc I KNEW she wouldn't know what it was. I STILL wish I had re-done the card, adding DP to the background. Oh, well; next time!


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